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Center screen options=Like it or not?

I will admit I have no use for all the settings on the center screen. Am I the only one who thinks this way? I'm 64 and got by just fine without all the settings for decades. For instance the steering setting. Sport or normal?I can't tell a difference between either setting. So why have it? Really would like your thoughts. One thing I really do like is the sonar when backing up. It has saved us a few times from hitting the steps on our very narrow driveway.
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Ours is a 2017 base model w/o all the newest technology and gadgets that can go wrong in the future. I have this point of view because I've never owned a car w/ lane departure, blind spot monitoring, automatic brake sensing etc, etc. When one gets older, change is more difficult to accept. Been just fine all these years paying attention and just driving the car. As far as the steering setting...I tried out the "sport" mode and found the steering did change to a somewhat heavier feel. (Went back to the normal and I'm leaving it that way.) What the car really needs is better tires! I do although think the back up sonar is a good idea but if one pays attention (w/the back up screen and looking out your side-view mirrors) is this even really necessary? Oh how the world is changing...give me simple and a personal/human interaction with a sense of community.
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Don't have much use for them either. I'm about the same age. I really don't like the cruise following distance auto-adjust. I'm not too crazy about all the beeps and boops that are trying to tell me something either. I don't know if it's a car next to me, a cat behind me, or the garage in front of me. I also wonder if one gets used to all these warnings will they be less likely to watch for them on their own.
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One thing I don't understand that is not offered in all the center screen options is having a digital speedometer setting.
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