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Wife test drove a Sport today

So my wife is interested in getting out of her Ford Focus and we had a small list of vehicles that she wanted to check out. Well today she went and drove the Rogue Sport and has pretty much decided that it is what she wants. So she drove the SV AWD version and was very happy with it. Figured I would register here as we are now in the process of figuring out when we are going to go and make the purchase. Of course our dealer didn't have the color she wants (Caspian Blue Metallic), but it can be acquired so that isn't a big deal.

Having never owned an AWD vehicle, is it worth the extra $1400 or would just getting the FWD be worth it? The MPG only is rated at 1 MPG less with the AWD, so it could be a "nice to have".
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It would depend on where you live and the weather conditions. A front wheel drive w/snow tires will be better than a AWD drive w/all- season tires. (An AWD w/snow tires the best.) AWD=higher cost, more complexity and car weight. You'll also have a little less MPG. We bought a FWD because quite honestly the deal w/received was just too good to pass up. (My wife really loves her car and when we have little snow or ice, the car stays in the driveway. We use our winter car, an 05' Focus w/winter tires mounted in these times.) I will say our FWD is very peppy and gains speed very well. I see nothing wrong w/the CVT. Gets great gas mileage. These Sports are made in Japan. Very well-built. Easy to work on if you are so inclined. Great front seats. Very comfortable. (Back seat too upright IMO and there's no incline adjustment.) Ours is a 2017 S with no blind spot monitoring/auto braking & all the new "safety" features so many new vehicles are coming with either standard or optional. (Exactly how we wanted it!) Finally, IMO...a great looking car. Perfect size for us. Nissan did a fantastic job w/this car. Hope all works out well for you and yours!
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