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2018 Nissan Qashqai Photos

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I think there's quite a significant change to the exterior front end look and it definitely looks more aggressive and sporty.

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No surprises here, its simply Nissan conforming to their overall design language which debuted on the Maxima concept. But i'm glad to finally see it on the QQ. Just looking at that front end head on without the Nissan emblem youd think its an Audi or something higher up. Now if only they can do something about the rear!
I feel like that front end is just so separated from the rear it's blatantly obvious. The front end is nice and aggressively styled whilst the rear is lackluster. I feel like it's half-assed lol
I'm loving the new look and this is why I'm torn between ordering now the 2017 or wait (for more than 6 months) for the 2018. In what situation would you get a 2017 right now?
I actually would just wait for the 2018 to be honest... that front end alone is more than enough reason to wait for me. I'm huge about aesthetics but maybe if I got a really good price on a 17' I would consider it... but that's a far stretch.
The 2018 model just has a more aggressive front and even though the old fog lights were nice, the new angular lower sir intakes look a lot better along with the longer headlights. It's just one year away so you may as well wait a bit more.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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