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Hello everyone......Well, I've gone crazy and finally done it. $1,500 dollars later and I've added 35 different things to my 2017 Rogue Sport!!

I am beyond excited how everything I've selected looks on my car. I studied the newer Nissan Qashqai (European model) and implemented some things on my 2017 Rogue Sport. Most of the "trim" purchases were done on eBay & Aliexpress (cheaper than Amazon). I don't think I'm done yet. This stuff can be pretty addicting.

Let me know what you guys think and hopefully I can inspire some of you to do the same to your Rogue Sport.
Buckle your seat belts and keep all arms & legs inside the vehicle!:grin2:


Window Tints
*20% tints (slightly illegal) but perfectly dark for privacy and protection from the Miami sun!
A must-have on all cars.

Blue license plate lights
*Easy to do, just bought the bulbs. Got the idea from user wjorge67.
Nobody has this. Looks spectacular at night.

Trunk outer-door lip and Bumper chrome trim
*This is extra trim that the dealer provides. You can find it cheaper online.
Looks sweet!

Front grille chrome lip trim
*This is extra trim that the dealer provides. You can find it cheaper online.
Looks VERY sweet!

Front lower-bumper chrome trim
*It just looks.......BADASS!

Dual-exhaust muffler tip
*Just the tip:wink2: no sound; no muffler work at all; looks fantastic!

Side-mirror rain protectors lips
*They do just that and it looks sporty.

Side-mirror turning light chrome trim
*Gives the car a different look from the front; very cool looking.

Rear reflector-light chrome trim
*Matching the chrome-theme.

Tail-light chrome trim lip
*Matching the chrome-theme; distinct tail-light look.

Head-light chrome trim mask
*Matching the chrome-theme; one of my favorite purchases;
Very cool headlight look.

Inner-Front Grille chrome trim
*Matching the chrome-theme; completes the whole "front look" I was looking for.

Back windshield-wiper chrome cover
*Matching the chrome-theme; Only one in South Florida with it!

********************FUTURE ADDITIONS*****************************

Red Brake-calipers paint job
*Very sporty; nice look

Front/Rear Bumper Protector Plates
*Car protection; sporty look

Roof cross-bars
*Way too expensive $350.00; not sure how good they would look.
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