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My daughter glanced off a concrete wall (over corrected on a right turn). No one else at intersection and no one in car and she was hurt. She immediately turned around and came home. I wasn’t home yet so wife looked at it and then off to her music lesson. daughter was upset with herself. Her speed was probably 15mph

so I get home and look at it. wall rash on front passenger side quarter panel and bumper. Some rash on the passenger front wheel. All body panels are in alignment. Hood opens fine. Passenger door has a ”creak” but solid and in alignment.

start the car to test drive it and general warning hazard light, front and rear emergency braking light and traction control light. Drive around the block and definitely out of alignment. I called insurance as I am worried about those errors. The quarter panel will need to be replaced and maybe the bumper. I can live with a bumper with some light sanding and buffing. It will get more rash at some point. But it isn’t pushed in at all and seems in alignment with other panels.

So is it possible that the impact set off some sensor that throws the code for the traction control and auto brake systems? Or might this be a total meltdown of the system?
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