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Aeb Disaster

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My 2019 Nissan Rogue has been in shop 3 times! The shop replaced the aeb sensor since the light stayed on. It’s still turns on for 10 mins intermittently. But isn’t recognized and recorded! HELP
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Is the windscreen completely free of any marks? There's a possible reference to this in this document.

Yes no marks st all on the Windshield
I'm assuming that as a 2019 model, this is something that has happened recently? Is it dependent on any road condition? eg: Snowing, Foggy? Visors Down, Visors up, Daytime, Nightime? Certain Speeds?
Also I'm sure the dealer has done this but it may be worth asking them if they've been through this entire flowchart that is in the pdf and double checked if everything is mounted correctly, especially if they have replaced any parts.

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It just occurred to me that you may not have access to a pdf reader. This is the Service Bulletin in case you need to pass that to the Nissan dealer.

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