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Another SUV From Nissan?

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If you thought Juke-Qashqai-Roque had a close relationship wait until you hear what Nissan is planning next.

Nissans product planning chief Philippe Klein has said that there are still spaces in the crossover lineup left to explore. “We’re looking at what to find,” Klein told Autocar. “There are lots of potential variations.”

When asked if Nissan could support another crossover, this time sub-Juke sized he said "interesting question."

“The question is not always cost but value,” elaborating, “We’re a sustainable business and have to hit customers for a long time. I have no good answer… [on a smaller SUV] But there are places to go. How big are those places?"

We're not sure just how large (er, small) consumers appetite is for crossovers, especially in the sub-compact segment, but Nissan certainly seems intent on finding out...
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I think what we can expect of this is something along the lines of a CX-3. Nissan can already see how well that is taking off and they want a portion of that market.

Can't wait for this to come to market.
How big are those places?
I would dare to say that the space between all the different crossover models out there is quite small, but that doesn't mean that automakers won't try fitting more models into those little spaces.
When there's so many crossovers out there these days it may just come down to brand loyalty unless you have an amazing product.
anyone think that this could one day replace the Juke? with the Juke going to the chopping block.
Not anytime soon. The 2015 Nissan Juke is still relatively new and they have their own crossover market for cute/unique looking crossovers.
I think that the CUV thing is causing everyone to come out with something. The market will determine which ones are good and which ones are not in the segment's saturated state. So there will be a swell, followed by a bunch of the models being axed over the years after that.
It's either that or it's pushing car makers to see how they can transition current vehicles to fit that new direction. it's much needed with how boring vehicles that came out 8-10 years ago look.
^ Transition 8-10 year old cars to make it viable in the current market?
That wasn't an exact year range just an example but what I have noticed these days is there's a higher turn over rate of vehicle generations... 8 is probably the most.
I mean Nissan has a very modern and new design language and they will be looking to bring all their vehicles into that design language. Nissan vehicles a decade ago are so bland compared to the current design language.

'05 Maxima

'15 Maxima
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Now that 05 nissan looks bland but it was perfect for the time it was out in, it's wrong to compare what happened a decade ago to now, you have to compare to the time it came out in.
And to think that was just 10 years ago. How fast designs change over time.
Well that was a generation in one of its last years, a generation came after that one and we're soon approaching the next maxima (clearly)
I'm sure modern vehicles wiil look dated in the same amount of time (or less) its just funny looking back to what seems like not that long ago and seeing the difference. I think many of the changes, and why they seem radical, is because of developments in manufacturing allowing different things to be possible. There has been developments in the way they can shape sheet metal, and lots of developments in lighting too.
They sure will be there will be some that look relevant to the market in 10-20 years down the road which with any industry where design is important... that happens.
Maybe the next SUV from Nissan will be one powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Found a concept page on their site for a zero emissions SUV called TeRRA.
That is a really cool concept. It seems like hydrogen fuel cells are gaining steam (even though they actually emit water). Like EVs, the biggest barrier for these vehicles is infrastructure.
If Nissan does come out with a hydrogen SUV then it'll probably come out in California first. think they have the highest density of hydrogen fuel stations.
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