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I drive a 2020 Rogue Sport S, and historically have had no problems with the audio quality while using Bluetooth. Recently, I started utilizing CarPlay via USB, and the audio quality is great.
After several months using CarPlay primarily, I noticed that the audio quality is significantly worse if I switch back to streaming via regular Bluetooth. The best way I can describe it is that the sound isn’t coming through fully; the audio I CAN hear has a very tinny quality to it, but certain elements of a song don’t come through on the speakers. Basically, the vocals in a song come through tinny, and the back-track doesn’t come through fully and overall, the audio is much quieter now by default. I didn’t change any settings on my phone or in the cars audio settings. I’ve tried unpairing and repairing my phone, unplugging the USB completely, and generally just turning Bluetooth and/or the audio system on and off. Any ideas or tips are appreciated. Thanks!
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