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Drive train warning lite

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I had a flat tire on my 2017 sport (4 wheel drive). Donut tire was put on. As i was driving to tire shop, the drive train warning lite came on. The mechanic at the shop told me the reason for this, was because the fluid was getting hot. The smaller donut tire was the problem. Never heard of this. Why would nissan put a donut tire spare on four wheel drive cars? Thinking about getting a full size spare. Anyone have this problem? Sorry for the long post.
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Does your Sport have the 17" rims? We own a FWD Rogue Sport w/17" alloy wheel. That's not good to hear as from what I've heard the CVT transmission "achielles heal" is heat (and not doing a drain/fill of new NS-3 fluid at or before 60K mi.) (This newest version of this transmission has a cooler.) Most cars have only a "donut" spare, if that. Getting a full size spare would take up so much room for the infrequent event of a flat tire. Not a long post at all. Hope all works out...
Donut tire on 4 wheel drive 2017 sport

Sparky,thanks for the the reply. I do have 17 inch alloy wheels. I did not understand your answer about the fluid and cooler. Could you please explain? Are you saying the 2017 does not have cooler? The shop guy,said the difference in the size of the tires(donut on one wheel and 17inch on the others) caused the fluid to get hot,because the rotation of the tires was different. This happens on 4 wheel drives only. Nissan states in the nissan manuel,not to drive over 45 mph when using the donut tire on 4 wheel drive. Hard to do on the expressway. Thank again for answering the donut was on the rear wheel.
I'm a firm believer in preventative maintenance and changing out fluids. I never used to change out transmission fluid myself personally. Then I started to do few pan drops and saw just how much magnetic shavings was on the magnets and how dirty the filter/strainer could be. It's also relatively easy to do as well. Fresh fluid is good for your transmission/engine/differential/transfer case/radiator/ brake fluid and power steering. I was @ my Nissan dealer just a few days ago getting a state inspection and free oil change. Spoke w/a really knowledgeable young service writer. First he asked why I brought in my own oil, Eneos 0w-20 when he says they use Mobil 1 0w-20 in bulk. Well, both are really good oils but, I didn't want to offend him by saying I'm not so sure they really use Mobil 1 0w-20. He stated be sure to change out the transmission fluid @ 60K mi. I told him I'll be doing this way before 60k mi. (probably around 20K mi.) as I like to get the break-in fluid out sooner than later. Easy to do. Use NS-3 Nissan fluid. The pan has a drain plug. Filling is easy. Put in what you take out. (As long as the factory put in the correct amount.) Later on after warranty is up, a pan drop. (I found out you can order a factory transmission dip stick for this engine which was used in another model.) Now onto your cooler question. He said the previous generation of CVT's didn't have a cooler to lower the transmission fluid temp. Along with not changing out the fluid, lots of issues/breakdowns. Our transmission is the latest version. Transmission cooler. Also other improvements as well. Excellent! These Rogue Sports should last a very long time w/timely maintenance. Ours is a FWD model. Nissan isn't the only manufacturer that has the same issues w/their 4 wheel drive models. I would have thought a larger diameter donut have been inc. w/17" rims. (What about the 19" rims?) Maybe this spare donut is made for the 16" steel wheel and used exclusively for all rim diameters? Do not know...I'll ask next time I'm @ dealer. (next yr. though hopefully.) Nothing to worry about (I do believe) but do ask your dealer about your transmission if you have any doubts. Hope this helps, Bill.
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