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Engine Air Filter

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Just a comment around the replacement of the above. This is my second time doing this so it should have been simple. I marked the top of the old filter with a sharpie before removal to aid in orientation of the new filter. Somehow I managed to get the new one in place but could not snap one of the housing clips shut. I was about to return it as an incorrect part. The lesson for me at any rate is to very carefully compare the orientation new to old using the plastic side moldings as the key. I think what threw me was the new filter had a different arrangement of plastic tabs around the filter compared to the old one. Either that or I'm not paying enough attention. Anyway, there are orientations where it will not fit into the housing, that's a no brainier, then there is one where it appears to fit but you will damage something in trying to force the housing clips into the retain position. Then after very careful notation of the side moldings and an exact comparison to the old filter, it fell sweetly into place and the clips attached with next to no effort.

I should add...........this is the Nissan air filter that went in. The one I removed was the Nissan 'budget' range, I can't recall the name of that range of products.
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Are you sure its oriented the correct way? It will go fit in place properly the correct way, there is a grove that is angled along the side. It is VERY easy to replace this filter, but it just has to be the correct way. Try flipping it around.
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