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Hello from Massachusetts

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Hey everyone, my name is Walter andI became the new owner of a 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport. I recently had a daughter, and my 2009 G37x coupe simply was not cutting it. Traded my old reliable beast in for my new joint. I got it in Palatial Ruby, certified preowned with just under 6k. It's gorgeous and so roomy for being such a small crossover, but it's plenty space for my SO and the baby. I hope to be very active in these forums! Once again, a pleasure to meet you all. :smile2:
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Hello. Welcome. We became owners of a new Qashqai about 3 weeks ago. It is always nice to find a forum with fellow owners to ask questions and to share information. So far, our QQ has been boringly good.
It's nice to have you here as well. I hope you have many safe, trouble-free and pleasurable miles in your new Sport! These are really fantastic cars! We really like our 2017 RS as well! Beautiful to look at and really comfortable front seats. Be sure to keep up w/all the service. Should last a long, long time....Bill.
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