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Nissan Debuts The Rogue Dogue Concept

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They aren’t called man’s best friend for nothing and sure, you can bring them along in the cargo area of your Nissan Rouge, but some animal-loving Nissan employees wanted more for their furry companions and thus the Rogue Dogue concept was born.

Debuting at the New York Auto Show this Friday, the Rogue Dogue is essentially a Rogue SL with the Platinum Reserve package, but with plenty of dog friendly features added.

There’s a pet partition separating the second-row seats from the cargo area which features extra padding and a removable dog bed. Keeping them well fed and hydrated on long trips are spill-proof water and food dispensers that folds down from the side of the cargo area. Nissan has even included a pet friendly first-aid kit, poop-bag dispenser, a clip-on safety harness, plenty of leash anchor points and a slide-out ramp.

The design team has even taken dirt filled walks into account by adding an integrated dog shower and dryer to keep your car mud free. Of course there’s the standard second row seat dog hammock too.

These all seem like sensible additions to a pooch friendly car, but that’s just not enough in the age of social media. So a video system has been installed with cameras mounted to the side-view mirrors to capture your dog’s road trip experiences.

Of course, this is a one off concept so don’t expect to see it on the 2017 Rogue SL’s configuration page.
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