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This is for 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport and may work for other models (please check). The part number is Nissan or Infiniti 24410-6MA0A which is discontinued and replaced by part number 999M1-NBH5A
Basically it is a Group H5 or BCI 47 battery. Recently replaced H5 (47) Interstate Battery from Costco, fits well and is an AGM battery. Costs significantly less than Nissan Battery at $299 or more and is backordered.
However, I tried searching replacement battery using QashQai, no luck, even Interstate Battery site suggests no replacement battery for 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport (my guess because Nissan has not published Specs). Costco Interstate battery could not help me. Finally I decided it is an H5 (47) battery and it worked.

I had to do this because on Jan 1 2022 got battery warning light (battery icon in red). Had tests done at Advance Auto using Midtronics device (test report is emailed with lots of test details and not printed on new device), cold cranking amps CCA were low, but starter and alternator had passed. Photos of parts attached here.
Therefore, considering winter and 5 years old OEM battery with no date code so guessed it is when car was assembled (part # 24410-6MA0A) and replaced it with H5 battery. Frustrating part was Nissan has no published specs of battery and I stopped by at a Nissan dealer while travelling who had the battery to get dimensions as the height is critical due to Engine air intake duct passes right on top of battery. I suspected it is H5 battery with H5 in its new part # (999M1-NBH5A). Never before had to spent so much time finding a replacement battery.
However, the battery warning icon is not gone, now it appears after engine starts and not like before right from the beginning. Hopefully, when battery charges fully it may disappear!
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new part # 999M1-NBH5A
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The battery in my daughters 2018 lasted 3 years and 2 months. That is in a hot climate, South Texas and lots of short trips. The Nissan battery just died on the spot, the tell tale click click click when trying to start the vehicle. . Ended up with a Duralast Platinum, I think it was around $ 225 US.

Sparky....good to hear from you....can you take a look at my addition to the dipstick thread?
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