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Paint Sealer

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I was told by the sales person that the dealer can apply a paint sealer for around 275.00. Is it worth the money?

I owned a 2009 Altima and the paint in the hood, roof, & the trunk started to fade after 4 years. Looked like someone took sandpaper to it and I don't want it to happen again.

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weird for paint to fade that fast and a car cover may work better for paint fading if you part outdoors every day.
Have you looked around for a better deal outside of dealerships?
No I haven't. The 2009 Altima was parked outside all the time. I plan on keeping the Sport in the garage.
Seems like a wax sealant, but those tend to last up to 30 days. If you want long term paint protection, check out Ceramic Pro. Though it can be fairly expensive; depending on which package you choose.
You could always opt for 3m vinyl wrap protection as well. Goes on clear, is fairly inexpensive (depending on how much of the car you want covered) and can be done at aftermarket tint/detailing shops. They usually come with a several year warranty as well. I don't think a paint sealer is going to do much for paint fade caused by the sun.
Dealer add-ons like paint sealer or fabric protection are not worth it imo. All modern paint have a clear coat top layer. The paint sealer is just a high quality wax which will eventually wash away. You can apply a good wax on your own.

I never wax my 2002 Jeep and it still looks good after a wash.

I use Turtle Wax Ice liquid wax on my 2002 Miata and it shines and beads water. TW Ice is an easy product to use. You just wipe it on with a foam applicator and wipe it off with the included microfibre cloth. No need for vigorous polishing and it leaves no residue on black plastic. It is like rubbing baby oil on a beautiful woman.
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This website is getting better by the day! I need to try some Turtle Wax ICE.
What color was the Altima? Red vehicles can have long term paint fade issues.

I use Meguiars wax twice a year, the NXT in the purple bottle is good. I also have their quik wax in a spray bottle, that's good also.

Actually having just read the beautiful woman / baby oil post....I'm dumping the lot and getting Turtle Wax ICE
Waste of money. Another dealer add on to try and get you to pay for unnecessary items.
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