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Hello everyone!
I own my RS for just 7 months now it is hate and love game for me :)
Trade in my 16 Murano so my wife can drive it and mpg are better... but ended up driving it for last 7 months :)

Always wanted to keep up with Subaru Crosstrek owners so I'm almost there, step by step :)
I've been a part of qashqai forum so time to move over here

mods so far:
K&N filter
all around tint (50% front and 25% back)
LED low beams
LED reverse lights
Rally armor mud flaps
Hella 500 lights
OEM tow hook with 5 ton d ring

coming mods:
BFoodrich 215/65 R16 K02s
enkei classic compe 16 inch wheels
eibach pro lift springs (1.1 inch)

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Welcome to the forum! Didn't expect to see an off road oriented Rogue, but I really like the mods you've done thus far. Have you had the chance to take it off road with the new setup?
Hey, thanks :) No, not yet, I'm still waiting for my 35mm lift kit from Russia and 30 mm Eibach lift kit from Germany and ordered 215/70 R16 Yokohama G015s, decided to go with less aggressive and cheaper AT tires... hopefully by end of the November I'll be able to try them in snow and off road :)
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