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The lens cluster on the rear of the vehicle is very difficult to remove, so you can get at the bulbs. Big shout out and strong advice to look on You Tube and find the two threads that use the following approach:

Thread 1. The tie cord around the main assembly and copious amounts of masking tape around the lense assy.

Thread 2. The gent who used Gorilla Tape stuck to the lens to act as a 'Handle' to pull the lens assy rearward.

I used both approaches together. I very nearly gave up and figured it was a dealer job with whatever 'special' tool they have. Definitely mask the area off, you'll be glad you did, I got the job done and no damage at all to lens or paintwork. I do not believe they have had to retain the lens assy in the manner they have. It's held in by two bolts for pete's sake. Crazy hard to get out without damaging something, several You Tube hits on folks who have cracked the lens.
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