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Rogue Sport is Nissan's sales leader

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The Nissan Rogue crossover was quickly risen amongst Nissans lineup to become their top selling vehicle, surpassing their sedans that used to be the bread and butter for the brand. Due to its fairly decent fuel economy of 28mpg and its relatively low base price of $24k, its of little surprise that its seeing such successful sales. It's main drawback is definitely the powertrain, as the 170hp engine doesn't seem to be fully adequate at times, which is made worse by the CVT transmission. But with AWD and ProPilot Assist technology, it's a fantastic package for those looking for their next vehicle.
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Not entirely surprised by this due to the fact that they have a strong street presence that as far as I have seen hasn't been rivaled much so far. Even when it comes to ride sharing services like Ube and Lyft this has been a common model. It speaks to the needs the average person has. The real challenge will be if Nissan can keep this up in a next generation product.
Hah and some people are still considering whether it worth buying the car or not. Personally, I can't imagine a better alternative for the price. Some people chose between SL and SV though, here's a discussion about it
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