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Hey guys, just wanted to share a few silly additions I made the the exterior of my '17 Rogue Sport.

-Got the door handle trims. I really liked how they look. It's an outside trim that still shows the black of the paint as opposed to the all-chrome trim.
.....and NOBODY has this either:grin2:

-Got the third-brake light vinyl (finally). It doesn't really fit perfectly but it looks nice when the brake light is applied.

-Got a "NISMO' plate for the front grille. Saw it on a Qashqai model in the UK on the other forum.
Thought it looked cool. Gotta represent Nissan Performance, right? lol

-Finally got the shark-fin antenna!! Very excited about this purchase. Looks great, easy to install and perfect reception.
No more of that old fashioned long standing thing. This give it a modern look. I highly recommend you get it.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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