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This week I was prompted for a software update which I performed. When the car was re-started all settings were changed, units (km to miles, degrees C to F, etc), all pre-set radio channels were gone. I didn’t make much notice and re-set those. Then my daughter was driving the next day and she rear ended a car. The automatic emergency brakes did not come on, the warning sensors did not beep or anything. I just tested it by driving close to another car and there are no warnings even though all settings are enabled. Has anyone seen this issue and what remedies or solutions do I have with Nissan? My daughter is devastated and we now have damaged cars, insurance claims, etc. I get that a driving accident occurred but this AEB has always worked flawlessly in the past but coincidentally failed after a software update? Even when driving, it would slow me down if too close. Why did it not help prevent an accident as intended and again is not working only after the software update? Thx
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