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I'm sure it will sell well. Not a big fan of the large display screen which many new cars seem to feature. (IMO, a driving distraction.) The shifter knob is different and will it receive a digital display? Overall, similar engine and transmission. Styling lines on the back remind me of the CRV. Overall, I see no reason to switch from our base 2017 S. (W/none of the "safety" features which often malfunction.) I prefer its styling better. I hope Nissan addresses some of the things I feel are lacking in our model. Namely, steering is way too light. Ride is a little jittery. Side view mirrors are a little too large. Why isn't there a digital speed display in our 17' RS? Makes seeing how fast you're going so much easier than looking at the speedometer. I'll take a look @ my annual visit to the dealer. Honestly, if I were to purchase another car/SUV, I'd look at Hyundai Kona.
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