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Winter and rodent concerns.

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Just a heads up of an issue we had last winter w/our Sport and rodents looking for nesting spots and material to make these nests. Our cars have an lower engine cover/shield which needs to come off in order to do oil changes and other maintenance. On this shield (on the inside) there's a white insulation material. Last year this was chewed up and pieces were missing. When I noticed this I removed all of this white insulation. ALSO...The same insulation is on the inside fender wells as well. The rodent/s chewed a little of this as well. On the driver's side near the battery there's some major wiring harnesses. Lucky this was not damaged. But I'm not taking any chances so I removed from both fender liners all this material. (Difficult job esp. the drivers side.) Hopefully nothing else will be done by any rodent this year. I also made and installed a stainless steel mesh in the air intake so the airbox is protected. Next, making a peppermint solution to spray around the engine compartment. Hopefully this will prevent any other rodent issues. Hopefully your cars will not be affected. Safe and pleasant holidays.
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